Little changes that turned into major goodness

(Tacky headline, don’t you think?)

If you’re subscribed to my feeds, you probably don’t realize that I have made three changes to my blog this month. Although very small, they’ve been very significant in terms of increased traffic, and — yes — increased moolah! Yeehah!

  1. The Top Commentators list at has been increased
    Many people who have used this plugin/widget have posted about how Top Commentators can increase a blog’s visitor participation and bring in more traffic. And they’re true. Of course, comments also depends on the quality of your posts, PageR***, and removing the nofollow tag off your comments. I recently thought that it would be cool to just list as many commentors as possible every month, so that every one gets the chance to show off their URLs in my home page. It’s currently set to 30 names, but I’ll keep increasing them as the commentors grow every month. From the increased comments I received, everyone seems to like this change.
  2. EntreCard has been added
    I am loving the EntreCard concept; users get EC credits for visiting or being visited, then use the points to advertise or buy some stuff. I have noticed a 20% increase in visits since I installed EC on my sidebar, and discovered many other great blogs out there that I ended up subscribing to.
  3. Ads have been added
    Because of the increased traffic, I thought that I should just take advantage of it by targeting and monetizing my popular posts. You should only see those big ads showing up in certain posts that are popular with the search engines. And, oh boy, it is definitely showing some very good results! I like to do the hard work, but it doesn’t hurt to get some passive income once in a while.
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At least try the first two if you’re looking to build some easy traffic into your site or increase your blog’s popularity. Feel free to share your own traffic-building tips, too.

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