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After the crazy downtime episodes and my move to take the One Page A Day challenge, I decided to give myself a one-week break, which was why posting has been sparse this past week. I’m glad I took this break — my whole family and myself are suffering from the most uncomfortable flu for almost a week, so switching on the computer was almost out of the question.

In case you’re interested to read all my entries for the OPAD challenge, here they are:

  1. 3 guidelines for selecting paid blogging assignments
  2. 3 creative ways of naming your Web domain
  3. I finally joined the Entrecard bandwagon
  4. Can you read me loud and clear?
  5. Cheering up with some funny sites
  6. 2008 Malaysian and Sabah elections: my mini thoughts
  7. Top Commentators Widget upgrading in works
  8. Click to comments plugin for your blog
  9. Back to my roots with Ruby on Rails
  10. Link your e-mail domain to Google Apps
  11. Getting sh-t done the analog way
  12. SimCity game now free?
  13. Considering my future web hosting provider
  14. My WordPress theme journey — Part 1
  15. Things you can do with a bar stool
  16. WordPress 2.5 and Top Commentators Widget matters
  17. More WordPress plugin essentials at
  18. Little changes that turned into major goodness
  19. My WordPress theme journey — Part 2
  20. My continued search for the right web hosting
  21. BuyBlogReviews said I faked my PR!
  22. My WordPress theme journey — Part 3
  23. My bookmark: two free cool tools
  24. Bookmark: IconFinder
  25. My recent fight with spyware — and iTotalFind
  26. Bookmark: WordPress URL cloaking and redirecting
  27. 7 fears expectant fathers face
  28. Malaysian bloggers will vote tomorrow
  29. Don’t know what to blog about? Do a blog review!
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Posted on 19 March, 2008 under Life online


  1. pinolobu says:

    I tried to do that last year. It was very very hard work. Now I try to do once in 2 days.

  2. josie says:

    happy easter

  3. My photos says:

    Thanks for funny sites.

  4. I do feel it is good to get away from blogging once in awhile. Day in and day out can really start to get to you and drop the quality of your posts.

  5. Nicole Price says:

    I need to set a target like that myself. My irregular posting isn’t gonna take my blog anywhere.

  6. Forumistan says:

    Thanks for these…

  7. Eva White says:

    Has this challenge and meeting target, helped you in increasing traffic to your site?

  8. Good stuff. This shows some dedication. I did that on one of my blogs and made it to 20 days.

    The only place that I manage to post on everyday is on my personal journal.

    1. Moldova says:

      You may add Twitter to your blog.

  9. ruler says:

    You are listed in the blogzee no nofollow blog list but your link are all nofollow.

  10. Probably because getting listed in those lists attract spammers to her site like they do to mine.

  11. Be careful with the PD reviews. I’m so scared I don’t even type it out lest it hurt your blog! Google HATES competition. No selling from anyone else!!!

  12. Rob says:

    I hate finding something to write about then finding that perfect story only to see 300 other people already wrote about it

  13. Beth says:

    You have some interesting links in those posts! It is hard work to write good content every single day, but it can be worth it.

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