My WordPress theme journey — Part 2

(Read Part 1 first?)

Once I’ve successfully customized the default WP Kubrick theme and learned how the WordPress template tagging basically works, I was now bold enough to create a theme from the ground up, so to speak, and my Blog of Rugrats project gave me a reason to work on one.

I really wanted to build a theme from scratch and finish it in the shortest time possible. One thing determined how fast I can develop one, and that is my little know-how on CSS. Thus, I decided to cheat. I played around with WordPress Theme Generator, hoping that I can generate the layout that I wanted and just edit the resulting CSS file after that. But you know what? I found that editing the file was a lot more confusing than I expected. At the end, I decided to forget the theme generator. Instead, I did a keyword search on CSS two-column layouts, and saw a very good collection of two- and three-column CSS templates at Dynamic Drive CSS Library. I went with the fluid left, fixed right column layout, then started to edit it using my favourite HTML editor, Microsoft FrontPage (Do I hear a few people laughing out there? I make money training people to use FrontPage, and I earned my Microsoft Certified Professional thanks to FrontPage, OK?).

(Read Part 3 for the continuation)

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Posted on 4 March, 2008 under Discovering WordPress, Web traversing and tagged with , ,


  1. lukmanf says:

    do you have a recommendation for cool wordpress themes download sites?

    1. Lorna says:

      You should check out WP Themes Free; so far it has the most extensive themes downloadable for free. Otherwise just visit WordPress Theme Viewer as an alternative.

  2. Collection of WordPress themes with a graphical and textual preview available for each theme. Sorting and search feature as well

    I am also a member of ABThemes for a year which has a ton of great WordPress themes and programs.


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