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Despite my need to keep this blog lean and mean, I couldn’t help but add more of those wonderful WP plugins into my site. Here are the new additions to my blog plugin family:

  1. Ad Rotator — I don’t really sell ads in my site, but it doesn’t hurt to recommend certain products to my blog visitors once in a while, especially those cheap domain deals. I’m not going to say that this plugin is really great, but it’s just enough for what my blog needs. Adman wasn’t for me because it is limited to one type of ad, and relies on that ad’s capability to randomly display different advertisers. AdSense Deluxe plugin wasn’t my choice either because it’s a little too fancy for me. So I ended up with the simple Ad Rotator which randomly selects and displays an ad from a list I have in the text file.
  2. Leprakhauns Word Count — This plugin helps you to count the words while you’re typing in your post. Very convenient for my, er, money-making activities let’s just say.
  3. Robots Meta — I needed this very useful plugin to hide certain posts from the G-bot by using nofollow and noindex, which would hopefully help me maintain my PageR. If you earn money from posting, you know what I mean.
  4. WP Super Cache — I use this to lower the load off my web hosting server. now loads one third faster than normal because of this, or at least that’s what my stats say.
  5. Flexi Pages Widget — This widget is used to hide a certain Page from displaying automatically under my 411.
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One plugin that went RIP is Dean’s Permalinks Migration, since WordPress version 2.3 and above now has the ability to redirect between those ugly and pretty permalinks within WP.

Those are what’s new in the WordPress Plugins I Use list. Check out my full list if you’re interested.

Update 18/Sep/2015: The WordPress Plugins I Use page has been removed.

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  1. Glad the caching plugin helped! So, are you seeing 1/3 more pageviews now?

  2. WebUrs says:

    Dear Webgrrrl
    I think we will install your Top Commentators Widget v.0.999:
    “Adds a sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WP site. Adapted from Show Top Commentators plugin. By Lorna Timbah. (yes, moi!)”
    It looks great. So we should have it up in a week or so. Thanks for the good work

  3. Fare Soldi says:

    I knew almost all of them.

    I did not know the word count one.
    I am going to download and installed it right away, I have been writing my articles in word to count the number of words, maybe this plugin will help cutting some time!!! 😀

    Fare Soldi

  4. Buck says:

    That all-in-one SEO pack looks pretty sweet. I can’t believe I’ve managed without most of these all these years. Top commenters is cool too, I’ve seen that one before.

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