EntreCard + SezWho = better traffic?

As SunEGrl mentioned in her post and as every EntreCarder knows, EC has partnered with SezWho (entrecard.com link removed, site no longer exist), thus enabling you to earn EC credits every time you comment on other EC members’ blogs and vice versa. This partnership is a step up from just dropping your EC cards, and would require ECers be more proactive participants in each others’ blogs.

I first saw SezWho implemented on Andy Beard’s web site, and contrary to what SunEGrl claims, the SezWho plugin didn’t slow down Andy’s blog noticably as far as I know.

If you’re looking to increase your traffic and visitor participation, you should definitely try EntreCard and signing up for SezWho.

As for WebGrrrl.net, I don’t plan on installing SezWho any time soon, as my current mission is to increase traffic from search engines instead of just relying on social bookmarks. I’m already using 13 WordPress plugins in this blog, and I don’t plan on bombarding my site with anymore plugins unnecessarily.

I do foresee myself using SezWho on this blog in the future, mainly because it can be a wonderful boost of exposure for commentators on this site, as SezWho not only shows you the comments you made on this blog, but other blogs that have SezWho installed. Makes bloghopping more fun, too.

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  1. Nintendo Wii says:

    I thought of using the application but then again, I am thinking of what plug ins I should be using because I don’t want to have too many plug ins that will complicate things..

  2. Bleuken says:

    I’m using the SezWho plug-in right now and I might disable it after reading this post. I don’t see any benefit yet.

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