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I am on a roll! Today is WP Mod Craze day. It’s about time, because I’ve been planning to customize a whole lot of things on this site for a long time now. Here’s what I’ve done to my blog so far today:

  • WordPress 2.1: I especially like new tabbed editor in this latest upgrade, though for some reason the code edit mode sometimes doesn’t work… it could be caused by my browser; do I need to upgrade my Firefox 1.0.4 browser too?
  • WP Widgets: Been wanting to add this forever. Now that I’ve finally installed it, I can add really cute plugins such as…
  • bLaugh 1.0 Sidebar Widget: Oh man, this is one fun stuff to add to my blog. Superbly funny comics! I haven’t had so much fun reading one since Dilbert! If you have widgets installed in your WP site, you’ve got to have this!
  • Translate Widget: Utilizing Google Translate, this widget adds little flags to my sidebar, and when clicked, translates all my blog content to the language of your choice. My blog has gone international, oh yeah.
  • Customized header: Bye Kubrik header, hello pretty lady banner 😉

I was going to download the Accessibility Widget. which lets you change font size with a single click. However, it seems that it is now available nowhere in the Web, not even in the developer’s own site. What a pity.

It’s been one hell of a week for me. So, I’m stopping now to catch up on my sleep, and will try to do this again tomorrow, if there is anymore widgets that’s worth my tinkering.

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Posted on 27 January, 2007 under Discovering WordPress

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