Polishing up my blog Day 2

*Ding ding* Round 2 of WP mod craze… Go!

  • Blog button maker: I’d planned to do this for quite some time, but didn’t realize there was a button generator til I visited BlogFlux.com. So I replaced the text RSS feed link in the footer with this button. Looks nicer now.
  • Google Sitemap Generator for WP v.2: This is one of the reasons why I decided on WP among all other blogging systems. A fantastic plug-in like this makes me free from maintaining the technical aspects of my blog and focus more time on content development. This is a no-miss, must-have for my other non-WP sites that I plan to convert some time this year.
  • Paypal Donate Widget: For the days when you’re feeling a little generous. I’ll make sure to spend it wisely on my children’s education.
  • Snowfall: It creates the effect of falling snowflakes, leaves, hearts, or anything else you set it to be. A fantastic plug-in that I plan to activate during special occassions, celebrations and holiday seasons.

Alright, that’s enough! Now let’s do some real work, shall we?

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Posted on 28 January, 2007 under Discovering WordPress


  1. Healthy Body says:

    Thanks for listing these: I love the snowfall one for winter.

  2. Ellen says:

    I know I need to change to WordPress and finding widgets like this make me think I need to take the plunge. Thanks!

    1. Lorna says:

      Browser through the list of WordPress Plugins I Use if this post isn’t reason enough for you to change 🙂

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