My Top Commentators Widget: Quick & Dirty (not anymore)

(20-Oct-2020) Download the Top Commentators Widget plugin ONLY via for for your security. All updates can be found in the README file.

(14-Dec-2017) Compatible with WordPress v.4.9. Download Top Commentators Widget from the WordPress Plugins Directory. Refer to the README file on how to customise this widget.

Post all bug reports and support requests to the’s Top Commentators Widget Support forum.

(the original ramblings created on 08-Feb-2007 follows)

Holy Molly, I never thought I’d make one so soon, but it’s true! I’ve created my very first WordPress Widget!

Yeah, well, not exactly. I adapted this Top Commentators Widget from the actual Show Top Commentators (hereto known as STC) plugin by PFA. Here’s actually what happened:

  1. Went to Giuk.Net (link removed, site no longer relevant) as usual, saw MrBadak talking about his newly installed plugins (link removed, site no longer exist), and I hopped by.
  2. Excitedly surfed into Personal Financial Advice to download the STC plugin (link removed, page no longer exist).
  3. Followed the instructions to the dot, only to find out later that it won’t work if you have Sidebar Widgets activated.
  4. Googled for a widgetized version of STC, only to find that the download links don’t work.
  5. Desperately needed to install it, so I did the next best thing a desperate grrrl would do — build one.
  6. Accidentally sacrificed a few other widgets due to carelessness, but nevermind as I always back-up.
  7. Destabilized my site with countless access error messages and loads of SQL warnings.
  8. Trying so hard to stay true to the original codes, only to surrender at the last minute and decided to strip down most of the original codes off, therefore FINALLY COMPLETING MY MISSION!
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But wait….

Crapazoola. After more googling, I found out that the STC plugin does run on widgets, if you installed the executable PHP for Text widgets (link removed, site no longer exist) first.

My ego is effectively squashed by this new-found knowledge. It took me an embarrassing 8 hours just to get this heck of a plugin to work as a Widget, which goes to show how badly I need to polish up on my PHP.

You may happily use this full-fledged Widget by downloading here:

Download the latest Top Commentators Widget

Please refer to the Installation section of the plugin page for details on how to use TCW. Send in your bug reports in the Support Forum, too.


Sure, if you want to, though it’s not necessary. Just PayPal any amount to me at “webgrrrl”.”net” (remember to remove the quotes).

Wishlist (or stuff people would like this widget to do)

  1. Create a “footer” so that you can add description at the end of the list.
  2. Multi-award system.
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285 responses to “My Top Commentators Widget: Quick & Dirty (not anymore)”

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  3. I am the author of the dKret2 theme. One user of my theme told me your plugin doesn’t work qith my theme. I checked your plugin and saw that you forgot to add $after_widget. So the plugin generates invalid code. I can send you a bug fixed version. Just send me an email.

    • Lorna says:

      Thanks, kretzschmar. I wanted to take your offer, but I put off emailing you back till I totally forgot about it 🙁
      Let me know if there’s anything else that should be fixed, and I really appreciate your help.

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  7. beeanka says:

    There’s a problem with my theme :/.
    I really like this plugin and want to use it, but the plugin “bugs” my theme, and I don’t know what to do :/.

    Anyway, this plugin is too nice.
    Good work!

    [sorry, for my bad english ^^]

    • Lorna says:

      Hi beeanka, sorry for taking too long to reply you. Try downloading the widget again; I’ve fixed something that may have caused your problem.

  8. Justin says:

    The top commentators widget is a great widget to have on any site. I don’t have one on mine yet, but I sure am getting one!

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  12. You are a GENIUS and I love you. I played around with that stupid plugin and php script for HOURS and could not get it to work. I stumbled upon your site and widget & voila! In a couple of minutes (literally), I have the top commentators in my sidebar.

    You are amazing. Seriously. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

    • Lorna says:

      I understand your agony. If you’re feeling generous, I’d really appreciate if you spread the good news in you blog.

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  18. congratulations by the plugin. It is very good. (I’m using Google Translate. 😉 )

  19. Balinese says:

    Great widget to increase comment to your site rapidly. 🙂

  20. At last something good that works with widget. Thanks

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  26. mrkelly. says:

    So good a widget…
    I am worry about my own format Top Commentators Widget.
    Particular setting.

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  37. Ar2r says:

    Now i try to install. maube it will be w=good watching on my site.

    What means 411 on the left column?

  38. […] webgrrrl uses both: Change the standard title (Top Commentators) to any snazzy title, like Bloggers of the Month or Commentors Who Owe Me a Million Bucks. […]

  39. Crystal says:

    Hey, I added you to my most recent post, which is a list of blogs with the “top commentators” plug in. Just thought i’d let you know 😀

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  44. Maria says:

    Wow, nice must have plugin. Thank you for the hard work you put in… Yeah your PHP is good! 🙂

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  46. Alex says:

    Hey Lorna,

    first of all great plugin and widget. The only problem I have is that I suddenly cannot open the option panel to configurate the plugin.

    I deactivate all other plugins to check if that could be the reason but still the same problem.

    I also upgrade this weekend to WP 2.3 but it still doesn’t open. All other plugins are opening, except another widget “picasa”

    I checked the source code of the widget page and found this

    All other widgets have in the source code
    style=”-moz-user-select: none;”

    but your widget and the picasa one have
    style=”-moz-user-select: none; display: block; position: relative;”

    Do you know what can be the reason?

    I’m using 2.3 but this happened in 2.2.3 too, the upgrade didn’t help, as I hoped to be 🙁

    I really appreciate your help


  47. Obaid says:

    i didn’t understand hw to install it