DoFollow vs. Top Commentators List

I cringed when I read Eric Giguere’s recent post on how to build high PR back links to your site, one of the steps being that you find a DoFollow site and commenting on them. It reminded me of the keyword spamming I faced on this blog’s comments a while ago, and it irked me to no end. I tried to moderate the comments as much as I can, but at the end, I surrendered and removed DoFollow from my site.

The flip side of the coin is that having DoFollow on your comments does increase comments, and thus, traffic, to your site; new blogs can definitely benefit from removing NoFollow from their comments if they are just starting off and building a community around their sites. Having a Top Commentators list can achieve a similar effect, especially now with the hijacking issue fixed. Both the DoFollow and the Top Commentators options cannot address the issue of getting quality comments; I still have to moderate, and in small instances unfortunately, delete one-liners such as “I like your site,” “I agree,” or “it is beautiful.”

When I think about it now, I still feel that it’s a shame that I had to disable DoFollow on my site, because I really didn’t mind passing out juice to other sites that needed the PR. However, I spent too much time moderating comments, and decided my time was better spent posting on my blogs instead of filtering comments.

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