Be generous without spending a cent

A comment by eJabs gave me a wonderful idea! If you’re a commentor on my blog and have AdSense in your site, don’t forget to put your URL in. I’ll definitely reciprocate your visit, and if I like your posts, I promise you I will click at least once per visit as a sign of gratitude. Besides, how hard can it be? So, drop by often, you hear 🙂

In times like this, I should slap myself on the head several times for not doing this earlier. So, a shoutout to eJabs: THANKS FOR THAT NIFTY IDEA!

I realize that so far, ALL of my commentors have superb blogs. That’s why I’m proud to put the Top Commentators widget on top of my sidebar so that I can simply click on their sites whenever I feel like surfing the Web (or as I put it glamorously — Web traversing). I’m not gonna touch my Blogroll, because it’s strictly for links to my own web sites.

My next WP mission: to build a links page similar to MrBadak’s Friends page.

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Posted on 8 February, 2007 under Life online


  1. pinolobu says:

    re: what you mentioned in 1st para. I’m sure people are doing it, but perhaps not talk about it openly. Is it even legal in the eyes of Google TOS?

  2. Matthew Jabs says:

    Webgrrrl…I am always glad to help. PS…I did you a little favor this time (and each time) I visit your site!

    Thanks & pass it on…


  3. Matthew Jabs says:

    PS…maybe change your post to be a little more subtle…

    much love…


    1. Lorna says:

      LOL 🙂
      This serves as more of a note to self than anything else!

  4. Joneh says:

    yea… its actually like thatlah.. it just that we dont talk about it. i wanna “tekan” iklan disini juga if any.. kenapa ndak ada ya. anyway, its all to help the other bloggers. why not. if the article is good and in somewhere helping me or reminded me of something.. i “tekan” aja. bila lagi mau tolong kawan. terutama fellow sabahan. termasuk lah si gaman punya. ekekeke.
    oh ya, bila sia click “reply to this comment” atas tu.. your blog directed me to “Error 404 – Not Found” just to inform u that. 😉

    1. Lorna says:

      Hmm… I’ve never encountered any error before with this threaded comments plugin.
      I was engrossed in editing the Top Commentator widget around the time you posted this comment. Let me know if you get that error again, and I’ll try to recreate it on my end.

  5. Joneh says:

    and one more thing, suddenly keluar error: entah apa sudah dia cakap, yang webmaster not yet activate the brians’ threaded plugin. what happen?

  6. When it doubt, check it out:

    In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, publishers may not request that users click the ads on their sites or rely on deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks. Publishers participating in the AdSense program:

    * May not encourage users to click the Google ads by using phrases such as “click the ads,” “support us,” “visit these links,” or other similar language
    * May not direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks
    * May not place misleading images alongside individual ads
    * May not promote sites displaying ads through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites
    * May not compensate users for viewing ads or performing searches, or promise compensation to a third party for such behavior
    * May not place misleading labels above Google ad units – for instance, ads may be labeled “Sponsored Links” but not “Favorite Sites”

    I have a better idea than talking about it anyway. Wait for an email from me.

    1. Lorna says:

      Exactly! I was going to post a similar thought but you beat me to it.
      I’m emphasizing more on our choice as visitors to click the ad for whatever reason we may have. We are not obligated to do it, but we still choose to do it. It’s all about giving and getting a business.

      Frankly, I’m more encouraged to clicking ads in a site where there’s no form of “begging” involved (e.g. “please click here to support me”). If you really need the money, there’s a better way of doing so (hint: get a real job).

  7. Hmmm… I would email you if I could find your email address or contact page.

  8. Matthew Jabs says:

    Hey RT:

    CC: me in on that email…I’m interested to hear what you have to say…I believe you already have my email!


    Check out my post on Diggers and Bloggers and let me know what you think.

  9. uberdose says:

    That’s exactly the way it should be without even having to mention it. Bloggiquette 🙂

  10. Matthew Jabs says:


    I don’t see your Adsense on your webpage? Where are they?


    1. Lorna says:

      LOL… it should only appear in my single post pages. I choose to make it that way, since this site is never meant for monetizing 🙂
      But, oh alright, I’ll add one soon to my main page :))

      Thanks again!

  11. Ahboon says:

    Please take down your post ASAP, it’s already considered “Encourage Clicking” and you may be banned by googgle if they discovered this or someone else reported to them.

    You only click on the Ads when you are interested on the ad, not just because to Support the bloggers.

    Inorder to give a token of appreciation to the bloggers for the goood contents; you may choose to introduce/recomend the site to others, giving them more traffic and that will sure help. Putting a backlink for them is another way. But click for them is not an good option. Ontop of that, if the GG tracked the clicks are always come from certain sites… then that blogger’s account might get bannnned as well. Thisis definately not helping them at alll.

    Please look at this situation on the advertiser’s perspective; they pay money to advertise, to attract people to come to their site for Business, definately this kind of traffic is not what they want. If everybody is doing this way, no one would wanto advertise nomore.

    A suggestion making money online is to join the PayPerPost kind of mathod. these you do not have to depends on click to generate income.

    Thank you.

    P/S Please do not do this in other language too. In a big organisation like this, I will not suprise they have the expertise to understand any languges.

    1. Lorna says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Ahboon. Allow me to briefly defend my post.

      I have read and am aware of the Encouraging Clicks section of Google Adsense program policy. The publishers @ people whose web sites I visit have never encouraged me to click their ads. As advertisers have rights, so do I as a surfer. I am selective of the Google ads, and I do not simply click the publishers’ ads just for the sake of supporting them; this conforms to Google’s requirement that clicks “must result from genuine user interest”. I am not looking to generate income for myself, or at least not on this site, as I have another site which is generating income quite well and surviving without Google Adsense.

      In any case, this post remains as it is in my site. Speaking of which, why do I even have Adsense in this site anyway? Deactivating ad plugin… done. As for further discussions on this, as RT Cunningham has suggested, it is best to do it through a better avenue which we are currently working on.

      1. ahboon says:

        Hi, 1st I didnot notice you do not have any adsene running at this site, so you do not sound like you are “Encourage Clicking”.

        The reason I asked you to take down the post was affraid that you will get banned by them. since you do not have it here… its nothing to ban though. and I am not that bossy too.

        My experience; I wrote something about Google referal program, and asked people to click on the Referal Button (Not the ads), that ‘s already sounded to goooggle and I got a warning mail from them, so I had to take down that post.

        My main point was not to simply click the ads just for the sake of supporting them; I think you have made it clear on your reply. We click on ads because of our interest but not to support nobody.

        please accept my appology for not enough observation on you site (you have no ad here), and making trouble on your community, if any. and please accept my poooooooor english :p

  12. That’s tellin’ him (or her or whatever)! I had a difficult time reading his post, myself. Somehow, I don’t think English is his first language.

    1. Lorna says:

      Neither is it mine! 🙂

  13. Joneh says:

    Lorna.. just clicked your “reply to this comment” it still send to the 404 error page. just for info 😉
    anyway…yea, stand by your post. we all have the right as the surfer to click or not to click.if we like what the ads displayed, i clicked. especially if i know the owner of the website. why not, right? 1 click for every visit no problem there. well if the above commenter doesn’t want, no need to click lahkan.
    but by asking to take down this post.. its like and it sounded like, what, im the boss, owner of this blog, take down this post ASAP. cannot lah friend. .. and i stand with my comment too… if lorna approved it to be in.

    1. Lorna says:

      You’re right… I did see the error for a second! But then I reloaded the page and it was gone. Dagnabit, I should have screen cap it.
      Are you using IE by any chance? :))

      1. Joneh says:

        nope..from the start…. firefox with developer plugin, script advisor and mcafee siteadvisor installed. All web developer or webmaster should use one. 😉 faster and secured!

  14. livewyre says:

    It’s not really generous as it costs nothing to the browser to click on an advert. It is against Adsense policy for you to leave your URL on such a site as this WOULD be encouraging fraudulent use of adsense (from the adsense client rather than the site owner who was promising to do the clicking). Whilst you appears to be being generous, if Google were to find your site, surely any URL’s on there may lose their adsense accounts?? Not generous At All!

    Well, don’t believe me? well write to Google to confirm.

    1. Lorna says:

      Hmm… livewyre, I’ll have to hold my comment on this until I fully understand your post. For a moment, I thought the word “browser” was referring to the web browsers like IE, Firefox, etc. (I kept asking myself why I would want my visitors to leave my URL on their browsers??)

  15. I downloaded yr Top Commentator Pluggin but could record my Thanks there. Anyway, Thank You.

  16. hiwaar says:

    I hope I got you right, cos this is the type of information Iam looking for. I shall folow you on twitter. Or may be you could give me a hand with my site??? let me know, ans may be we could work something out. Happy new year

  17. Je suis également référenceur avec de bonne notion mais exerçant uniquement sur mes sites en éditions.
    Merci pour ces astuces, on lit encore beaucoup de contradictions sur ce sujet.

  18. I am looking forward to installing your top commenter plugin on some of my sites,sometimes it would be nice to put it in your theme files rather than the sidebar is that possible.Thanks

    1. Lorna says:

      you can do so using the original top commentators plugin, which the widget is based on. But there aren’t guarantees that the plugin will support the latest WP version.

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