For deevon’s GForum Award 2005

Was doing some vain googling on my family members, when I found a site belonging to my sister, Laura, on Fotopages.
While I am numero uno when it comes to the Web and computer programming (among my family members, that is), she is the most passionate when it comes to online gaming and anime.

Anyway, the images she has in Fotopages were, I assume, storyboard entries for a Naruto anime fansite. I’m supposing the participants were given some images where they have to fill in each talking bubble of the characters. I think my sister did pretty well, and they are pretty funny.

For deevon's GForum Award 2005 - No. 1
For deevon's GForum Award 2005 - No. 2
For deevon's GForum Award 2005 - No. 3

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Posted on 4 October, 2006 under Life online