Read your mind in 20 questions

I stumbled upon a really snazzy web site that attempts to guess what you are thinking. The official site is at, but I prefer going to because I’m “guessing” they might use some sort of AI depending on which country of origin you are from.

The AI managed to guess my first thought (i.e. orangutan) in 19 questions. It took a while to get this one though:

1. It is classified as Other.
2. Does it have writing on it? No.
3. Would you use it daily? No.
4. Can you control it? Sometimes.
5. Do you use it in your home? No.
6. Is it a feeling? No.
7. Can you switch it on and off? No.
8. Can you hold it? Yes.
9. Does it fold up easily? No.
10. Can you buy it? Rarely.
11. Can it bend without breaking? No.
12. Do you hold it when you use it? No.
13. Is it soft? No.
14. Is it brown? No.
15. Is it outside? No.
16. Does it have feet? Yes.
17. Is it fragile? Yes.
18. I guessed that it was a skeleton? Wrong.
19. Is it larger than a pound of butter? Yes.
20. I guessed that it was a mummy (Egyptian)? Wrong.
21. Can it be heard? Yes.
22. Can it be washed? Yes.
23. I guessed that it was a waiter? Wrong.
24. Do you clean it regularly? Yes.
Q25. I am guessing that it is a baby?

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