The ultimate Web flashback tool

Was looking through the Alexa web site for some SEO ideas, when I found a very cool tool by the Internet Archive group that archives and provides snapshots of all existing World Wide Web sites since 1996, called the Wayback Machine. Most of the sites I developed through the years were archived only on and after 1999, so for me personally, the tool wasn’t much of a big deal unfortunately since I’ve been backing up my site starting ’99 anyways.

I was hoping that I could get a glimpse of my old sites pre-’99, especially my site at’s TheTropics/4466, CapeCanaveral/sumthin, CollegePark/8981 and Hollywood/Hills/3891. Oh yeah, especially my ’96 HollywoodHills page, where I created my fansite called “Actors and Actresses of the 3 Most Excellent TV Series,” dedicated to Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files, and Home Improvement. In spite of the fact that the site title was a mouthful, and that the graphics were created using Paint of all things, the site managed to grab some cool web site awards in its heyday, and was even featured in a Japanese magazine (I know this for fact because the editor e-mailed me asking for permission to feature it in their magazine — damn, I wish I had saved it! 🙁 ).

Those were the days….

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Posted on 9 October, 2006 under Life online, Web traversing