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Rocky and Jeff Ooi, power bloggers from Malaysia and fighters of free speech. Photo grabbed (without permission) from’s not just happening in the West, and it’s not just harrasment by anonymous posters you know. (No) Thanks to one of the major newspapers in Malaysia, two prominent bloggers of this country celebrated the early months of 2007 with a libel lawsuit (read here and here) that started the whole bloggers-are-bad brouhaha and sorry politicians stating silly facts about bloggers that aren’t so factual (like “80% of unemployed Malaysia bloggers are women“).

Mr Manager, Sultan Muzaffar and KlubbKid, the AF blogging heroes, leaving the Dang Wangi Police Station with their reports.And last week the cutesey-wutesey Sultan Muzaffar of AF blogging sensation has made a police report together with Mr Manager and KlubbKidd over threats he’s been getting on his blog implicating the latter two men. When you read through their blogs, you’ll notice that at least 60% of the offensive remarks in the blogs were made by commentors, not the bloggers. Really, what we need here is not a 12-commandments-like statement of what we can/not or should/n’t do, but to simply stop being an idiot. Let us pray and hope that we remember to apply all the good manners our parents and teachers have taught us.

Which weirdly enough brings me to a memory of my college years. One day during our English lesson, our class was divided into male and female groups. The ladies were required to list out adjectives, verbs and adverbs that describe the ideal man/boyfriend, and the guys were to do the same of the ideal woman. So one of us went to the board to write out the words, and our group started stating words like “loving”, “understanding”, “loyal”, “funny”… you get the picture. After about 25 words or so, it was the guys’ turn. One of them, Arman, got up, went to the board, wrote two words, and went back to his seat. We smiled sheepishly as we read the words — “Not Demanding”.

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Posted on 17 April, 2007 under Life in reality


  1. klubbkidd says:

    oh well…there’s just no pleasing some people…is there…

  2. klubbkidd says:

    oh well..there’s just no pleasing some people is there.they’re just afraid of what they don’t understand…

  3. coach says:

    “but simply stop being an idiot” – couldn’t agree more with this. It is a sad reflection on the world that things like a bloggers’ code are even thought of.

  4. Matthew Jabs says:

    Geesh…people need to chill…what is this world coming to.

    It all makes me want to go to the wilderness, lock the rest of the world away, & live off the land!

  5. alanbernard says:

    Oh well, as for the two famous bloggers, any kind of publicity, be it good or bad, is still publicity!!! I bet their hits tripled or quadrupled after the lawsuits… so good on ’em cuz more malaysian are gonna get curious and check out what the blogging community has to say. 🙂

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