Estranged is excellent so far

Rich (centre), AF host Aznil Haji Nawawi (right), and one of the current Akademi Fantasia participants in the recent AF concert.When I heard an alt-pop-rock song called “Itu Kamu” (roughly translated as That’s You) playing on the radio, I thought, man, that’s another cool Indonesian song — I wonder when Malaysian artistes will step up to that kind of quality. Wow, was I shocked during the recent Akademi Fantasia concert, to know that the band that made that song not only hails from Malaysia, but the lead singer is a tanak wagu (boy) from Sabah — AF season 4’s very own Rich! I’m so proud of him, so proud! Maybe if I’m free this weekend, I’ll run over to the music store and buy me an Estranged album! The next important thing for the group is to get very good marketing and PR teams for them to zoom up internationally. The good news for now is that they’re going to be one of the opening acts in the Good Charlotte concert this week, together with the likes of my other favourite Malaysian local English acts, LO and One Buck Short.

The lyrical concept of Itu Kamu is as universal as any other love songs — it is of a person expressing the depth and dedication of his love to his one and only. Enjoy the following YouTube clip of Estranged‘s Itu Kamu. My English-speaking friends should be able to enjoy the catchy tune even if you don’t understand the Malay language.

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  1. bengodomon says:

    I myself havent heard about that song until i read about it here. I think the whole song is quite good. In particular the opening verse is excellent.

  2. Flanegan says:

    I like the guitar….
    If i miss Sabah, I’ll listen to Estranged song automatically..
    Especially Itu Kamu.



  3. Jewelle says:

    I know! I was told about them by a friend who said that Estranged sounds like Peterpan and I was pleased to concur. I think that particular song is fabulous

  4. Taylor Hicks says:

    Estranged is truly a Malaysian gem. Absolutely with you, the guitar is amazing. I have got that guitar tab on my hands, actually learnt it from my friend. Kudos to the band!!!

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