8-pecpack heaven

Buffed men seldom attract my attention. In fact, they scare me a lot.

But not these men.
The pecs on the “300″ men

Forget the gory, limb-torn warfare. Sideline the crazy cinematography and special effects. This, my lady friends, is pure eye-candy. When I saw the making of this movie, I had my mouth hanging open as I watched the trailer and observed the actors actually working themselves off and turning into 8-pec pack spectacles! 8 PECS PACKS!! Wheeeee!!!

As for the movie itself, worth watching, but DON’T bring your kids along. Those whacked-out guys at South Park even made a parody of this movie in one of their series called L*sbi*n Bar (I replaced the actual word with asterisks to avoid from getting naughty searches — I’ve had enough of searches for Harry’s little friend).

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Posted on 16 April, 2007 under Elsewhere


  1. jipun says:

    Hello. Just to add that it’s actually an “8-pack” and not an “8-pec”.

    Pecs actually stand for pectoralis or the chest muscle. I’ve never heard or seen anyone with an obvious 8 pec. =P Urang cacat kali tuh.

    Anyway, 300 is a great movie, very straight plot with kinda cheesy lines, but worth the watch anyhoo.

    1. Lorna says:

      Hahah! Silly me — their awesome pectorals must have made my brain blurred! I’ll correct them pronto, thanks for the note!

  2. moneymaker says:

    lol. this post made me laugh. yeah 300 was aswesome.. “visually” stunning

  3. Matthew Jabs says:

    Well Lorna…I had no idea you were such a wild woman! 😉

  4. Matthew Jabs says:

    woops…forgot to subscribe…I check the eJabs once by default (big debate in itself)

  5. cindy says:

    When I watched that movie, I told myself “Eh, those abs looked really fake!” .. but then again, who cares. As long as they have cute face to look at! OMG!

  6. collect bag says:

    but then again, who cares. As long as they have cute face to look at! OMG!

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