WordPress contact form plugin for the sake of a good review

I noticed, through reading people’s posts reviewing other blogs, that people make a big deal of having a contact form in your blog, which is a sort of a big no-no if you don’t have one. I finally got off my lazy behind and installed cform II, one of the many WordPress contact form plugins out there. And I’m telling you, if you’re not very plugin-savvy, this one may give you a heart attack. Nevertheless, I chose to use this because I’m smart and I’m a show-off you know. Not really. I choose it for the flexibility and options it gives you, which — although not all are being enabled for this blog — I believe will come in handy as my blog grows.

There are much simpler forms available, but if you do choose to install a contact form, beware of increased spam and try to find a form plugin with a built-in Captcha option to lessen unwanted spam.

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Posted on 5 September, 2007 under Discovering WordPress and tagged with ,

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  1. I make a big deal about it sometimes. It just works better than a mailto link which forces a client to open. I already have too much open at any given time. As far as spam goes, I’ve only received one through my contact form and I use the same plugin you do.

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