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I’m considering about subscribing to FilePlanet, which has an impressive list of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) that can be played for free. Supposedly by subscribing, you get to get tons of gaming goodies, such as a 14-day leveling boost, giant starter packs, and access to other PC games for free. Sweet.

Knight Online screen shot, courtesy of FilePlanet.Among the free games listed, I’ve tried Hero, Knight and Myth War and my favourite has got to be Knight Online for its cool monsters and easy keyboard shortcuts, thus enabling my characters to go into action with my eyes closed. Hero Online has the same ease, but I wasn’t so excited with it probably because its online community doesn’t really get to me… I dunno. Myth War has great online community involvement, but its UI isn’t really as interactive as the former two.

I’m thinking of playing Knight Online again. I stopped playing all three games now — Knight Online because at that time it was 2002 and I was still using dial-up — shared between four people nonetheless! — which never fails to give me mild heart attacks during war events; Hero Online because I wasn’t in the mood to play plus I moved to another job in another town which doesn’t have any broadband available; and Myth War Online because, well, my husband stopped playing it and so I stopped leveling the characters up for him.

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