Organizing Life (and Websites) for 2024: A WebGrrrl’s Fresh Start

I’ll be honest, the past two years starting from mid 2022 to late 2023 haven’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows for me personally and physically. Here at, things definitely hit a dry patch, especially in early 2023, which meant my beloved websites got a little… neglected. Anyone else out there identify with the struggle of putting your passions on hold?

Focusing on health took priority once the last months of 2023 rolled in. That, and also more quality time with my kids. What a relief. Despite a declining health up till late last year, I managed to squeeze in some serious learning. I gotta say, discovering and learning in-depth devops for WordPress at scale has been invaluable.

There’s a silver lining to everything. Rest is now my priority.

Oy, is back online!

Now that my health is on the up and up, this year is all about reclaiming the reins and diving headfirst into a slew of exciting projects. Most of these are personal endeavors, with a long-term goal of monetization (because hey, a girl gotta eat!). One such project I’m particularly thrilled about is the umpteenth (yes, you read that right) reincarnation of This time, I’m leveraging the power of the WordPress Full Site Editor to create something truly special… soon, LOL. Since I don’t actively use X / Twitter, my namesake blog is where my brain blurbs will reside.

Feel free to unfollow me at Twitter / X.

But wait, there’s more! This year also involves a major consolidation effort. It’s time to gather all my scattered bloggy goodness back under one roof. The plan is to bring all my personal blogs – the ones residing on Medium, Steem,, and Hive.Blog – back to either for long-form posts, or for short asides.

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Now, I’m not one to throw away the past. Before hitting the delete button, I’ll be cherry-picking some posts that deserve a permanent place in the archives. After all, those old ideas might just spark some brilliant new ones down the line! Everything else, well, it’s time to say goodbye and free up some digital real estate.

Of content unification

This might sound familiar to some of you who read my earlier post about my blog decentralizing strategy. Back then, the focus was primarily on boosting social traffic. But this time around, it’s about streamlining, reorganizing, and ultimately, owning my online presence in a more intentional way.

I had in my mind a publishing strategy that posts summaries of my long-form posts to other blogging and social media channels. This plan never properly materialised apart from my Facebook page.

Here’s why this blog consolidation is important for me:

  • Reduced Maintenance: Managing multiple blogs takes time and effort. By consolidating, I can free up valuable mental space and focus on creating high-quality content for a single platform. I have to LOL at myself as I typed this. My blog focus, honestly speaking, is mostly to develop content on my niche sites that actually makes me money. Time saved is totally on spot!
  • Improved Content Visibility: Having all my content in one place makes it easier for readers to discover my work. No more getting lost in the vast ocean of the Internet!
  • Stronger Brand Identity: A single, well-maintained website helps establish a stronger brand and makes me appear more professional and credible. This has always been the main objective of
  • Monetization Potential: A unified platform makes it easier to implement monetization strategies, whether through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products. Though, there’s little chance of me monetizing because I’ve tried that years ago. Total fail.
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Of course, this process won’t be a walk in the park. There will be technical hurdles to overcome, content to migrate, and decisions to be made. But hey, that’s all part of the adventure, right? I’m excited for the challenge and can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

Crossing my fingers that this year promises to be a whirlwind of creativity, organization, and hopefully, a little bit of web-based domination. If you’re thinking about tackling a similar project, feel free to leave a comment below! Let’s share strategies, support each other, and maybe even inspire a few more power-ups along the way.

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