How many blogs do you have?

I have a confession to make — all in all, I own about 30 sites, total! Here’s the breakdown:

  • 11 of them are personal blogs. and The Blog of Rugrats are the two personal blogs that I update frequently (which is a laugh, since WebGrrrl hasn’t been updated for almost a month). The rest are anonymous blogs. I use one of them to rant about politics. Another is slowly being moved over to the Rugrats blog, and then closed down. One more is a diary I started almost 9 years ago, containing my thoughts and feelings which I will never reveal to anyone, not even my family. I initially wanted to use to share my thoughts on learning, teaching, and freelancing, but I plan on changing that very, very soon. That means, there are 5 blogs that I can really leave to rot. I have plans on merging that with my diary, so you won’t see them anytime soon.
  • 16 of them are niche blogs. All of them, with the exception of my crafts site, were started quite recently. 6 are set on auto-update mode, while 6 are semi-automated. The rest, like my crafts site, are manually updated, the example being my Small Biz Freebies site (defunct). All of them are definitely planned for monetizing or flipping, but not right now. You won’t see AdSense on any of them, either, until they’re indexed properly and are 3 months matured.
  • 3 or more of  them are static sites. I’m still developing my mom’s batik shop, and converting it to WordPress, after which I’ll install the e-commerce plugin to sell all the batik stuff online via PayPal. My company web site is running on a script which automates the selling of cheap web site templates; I plan on putting free web templates up just for the heck of it. I have another domain up for a non-profit organization I’m a member of, and will be up once the organization is officially approved by the registrar.

So now you know the reason for my sporadic update. Plus, the Christmas preparations and the update I’m working for the Top Commentators widget, I’ll be more than busy.

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Posted on 19 December, 2008 under Life online


  1. ben says:

    Re the niche blogs, may I know your method of autoupdating them?

    1. Lorna says:

      I just use any of those free RSS aggregator plugin to fill up the content, then use another WP plugin I bought to kind of “uniquefy” it, and voila, I have constant content going into my blogs.

  2. ben says:

    May I know the name of that WP plugin?

  3. Chester says:

    Not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚ I suggest u build more niche blogs. And get more backlinks for all the blogs that you currently own.

  4. JACQ says:

    30!! Whoa! Salute you Lorna!

  5. massy says:

    how does one keep up with 30 blogs? omg

    i can’t even keep up with 3 well or maybe it’s 2 XD

  6. Currently I’m running 34 sites where most are static sites. I think I have about 9-10 blogs but most of them are not actively being developed. Haven’t yet found an autoupdate system that I like. What are you using?

  7. josiekupi says:

    Wishing You and your loved ones a merry xmas and happy new year…

  8. OMG!! How do u manage such number of blogs. I’m pretty sure that u are unable to give fresh posts at appropriate times to many of those blogs.

    Linda Albicans

  9. I do have 4 blogs being managed personally, 1 is a technology blog, 1 personal and the others are just crap.

  10. AdJingo says:

    Me? I have Waaaay tooooo many! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I luv WordPress, I love to blog, why stop!
    Congrats on your blogs.
    My science it experimenting until something sticks!
    Happy New Year!

  11. eshark says:

    30!! Wow!! punya sikit that… I mean that are so many to handle.

    I owned only 2 at the moment, but an author for 4 blogs.. now only planning to have 1 more new blog this year.

  12. manisa says:

    I have 2 blogs. but ? own 3 web pages

  13. Mini Laura says:

    I have a couple of blogs up my sleeve too. But not as many as you do. Isn’t it difficult to manage them all?

    Anyway, batik stuff are nice. I’d like to see your mom’s site sometime when it’s done. =)

  14. rosario says:

    woow, how do you do to manage thirty blogs ?

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