Make money online: yes, I’m trying my best

By now, a few of you may have realized my slow and steady attempt at making money online. One of the best thing about making money online earnings is that most of them are handled using the US currency, so just a few hundred dollars can translate to more than a thousand Malaysian Ringgit a month for me. Not too shabby for a stay-at-home mom.

I’m currently doing a few things simultaneously to generate my income online, from paid posting to WordPress services, and moving towards affiliate programs and ads revenue as both of these can turn to become passive income once the ball gets rolling. As mentioned in my previous post, things are looking well with my arts and crafts site which are generating income through three programs (CPC programs they call it) — AdSense, Chitika and AdBrite. These three ads work well together, and Chitika and AdBrite are AdSense-friendly.

On the other hand, my affiliate programs (CPA programs I think they call it) aren’t doing well; in fact, they’re not generating any income at all. The three programs that I’ve joined are Clickbank, Commission Junction and I’m not giving up hope, though. I’m still very fond of CJ and Amazon, but I’m thinking of switching from Clickbank to Clickbooth. I’ve totally forgotten that I’ve signed up for them until I got the newsletter from them recently. The great thing about this program is that they currently have what is called Clickbooth Webinars, a collection of online videos featuring top affiliate marketers on the Net, sharing their success tips to users of Clickbooth. This is more than enough to convince me to switch. Hopefully I’ll have better luck after using the techniques taught in the webinars.

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  1. Jeremy says:


    Please keep us posted on your findings. I hope to spend some time monetizing my blog soon and would love to do it right the first time!


  2. office space says:

    I have also tried looking into monetising my blog but it still early for me to know what works and what doesn’t. Blogging its something you should enjoy doing, then the money will start rolling in. Thanks for the post.

  3. cb says:

    Hi, i use the plugin Top Commentators, are you going to do a release for wordpress 2.7 ? cause it doesn’t work with it.

  4. ikeifama says:

    It sounds good that you are working on different projects that are online in which you can earn money.My suggestion is that you can stop the projects in which you are not getting much income.

  5. Retirement says:

    Making money online through a website is very hard. I had a website an in 10 months I have made just 20 dollars.

  6. AdJingo Ads says:

    Making money through the affiliate channel has gotten a LOT harder … you may want to explore Shareasale, lot’s of niche specific merchants, arts & crafts, etc.
    My main source is still CPC, not much with Chitika, but better than wondering if the affiliate traffic is going to convert!
    Best of Luck!!!!

  7. Dave says:

    Hi Lorna,

    I was reading your blog with interest. I am having problems with MYblog Log similar to yours. It’s just not updating. Same 4 people have been on it since the start??!! Yes, I get more than 4 a day.

    The code is what they gave me, just not working. Any ideas?

  8. Lorna says:

    Is the MBL code still buggy? Try regenerating the code, and if that still doesn’t work, contact the MBL team through their blog at

  9. What is an average Malaysian paycheck? Is that equal to a few hundred dollars or?

  10. Although I’m new on this site I would like to have my opinion read. I feel the best way to earn money online is thru Pay Per Lead model. Adsense, Adbrite etc look very tempting but what I hear on various websites, earnings from these models is dipping. I myself am reconsidering my business model.

    Just my 2cents.
    Linda Albicans.

  11. Jon says:

    Yes, making $ online is hard work and takes time to develop.
    I notice everyone here are all interested in monetizing their sites with ads, and having a hard time.

    I too, am having a hard time with making any money thru ads.
    But, on the physical side of the house. Selling a product and offering services are still slow due to the ecomomy, but I’m still making more revenue than relying on my ads.

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