Hairy Potter and His Horse Dick


When I first read the article (link removed, page no longer exist), my first thought was, is that legal?! Apparently so in England, where the legal age of consent is 17. The nude photos of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe were taken as publicity shots for his new West End stage play named Equus ( link removed, site no longer exist). This Tony Award-winning play is being revived, and from the story’s synopsis, I have to agree with the comments that Equus sounds disturbingly sick.

Why Daniel would want to choose this particular play is beyond me. Maybe he’s tired of being the teen idol of this century and chose to prove to the world how manly he now is. Okay, Daniel, we get it! (and looking not so bad if I may say so myself)

Thanks to The Superficial, my favourite tongue-and-cheek Hollywood gossip site of all time. Where else can you find comments like, “Oh my, Harry! I can see your hogwarts!”

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  1. Beth says:

    I was shocked when I heard that he was going to be nude in this play. Maybe he did it for shock value and to prove he can be grown up.

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