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Wildheart’s Works took my Spark challenge to review one of my post in exchange of a blog back. You really need to check out her site, and particularly her latest creation of free background textures (link removed, site no longer exist) if you’re looking for one for your site. I never knew you can do so much with Paint Shop Pro. I’ve used PSP before, but found out about the powerful Photoshop and have never looked back.

Wanna take my challenge? Log into your SocialSpark account, or e-mail me once you make a review on yours. Better read the challenge conditions first before you do so.

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Posted on 1 July, 2008 under Web traversing and tagged with , ,


  1. Joe Cheray says:

    Thanks and btw mmm I am a woman blogger lol. It’s still kind of funny that people associate Joe with being a man lol.I love keeping folks guessing.

    1. Lorna says:

      Fixed, heheh!

  2. Cozmo says:

    That green texture is pretty sweet. Go Joe! 🙂
    I honestly haven’t used PSP in several years. I imagine it is a lot better now.

  3. Joe Cheray says:

    Cozmo the only version I have found that I really like is version 9. I am really disappointed with version 12’s UI it is too dark and hard to see things. Version 10 is ok it tries to keep the version 9 interface color scheme while looking similar to version 12 in UI, but I still prefer version 9.

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