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Update: As of 10 July 2008, this Spark is no longer listed, as it has been yanked by IZEA for violating its ToS. Read here for more.

Since I’ve already posted this in SocialSpark (link removed, broken), I might as well announce it here.

My Spark challenge

As part of a link exchange campaign I’m running, I am looking for personal blogs that are willing to do a 50-word review on any of the posts I have in WebGrrrl.net, with a link back from your blog to that particular post. Your post should look something like this. Once done, e-mail me and let me know of the URL, or if you have a SocialSpark account, accept the Spark (link removed, broken). In exchange, I’ll return the favor and do the same thing to one of your posts in your site.

Please make sure the link back is NOT a no-follow and is not published under any sort of sponsored review category. Your review on my site will stay in my site permanently and has a DoFollow so that you can get some link juice back. Take this opportunity only if you own a personal blog. Commercial blogs, or blogs with adult or gambling content will NOT be entertained.

Interested? Then start now!

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