Blog Aggregator: how to create one with WordPress, part 1

(This is a re-post from my now-defunct website, BloggingFu)

The term “blog aggregator” is a combination of two words: blog and aggregator.

Okay, I can already imagine some of you going “duh! of course it is”. However, humour me for a minute and let me explain this to you in simple terms, for the benefit of those who really don’t know what a blog aggregator means.

Blog Aggregator

Blog = a web log, or a chronology of news called posts, which are usually snippets of information with hyperlinks pointing to the original article or news.

Aggregator = to combine into a whole, quoting directly from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Therefore, blog aggregator = a collection of posts from web logs combined into one single site, i.e. another blog.

Why would you need a blog aggregator?

Well, blog aggregators are used for numerous reasons, mainly to gather posts from the blogosphere concerning a specific topic, or blogs sharing the same theme. Do a Google search for the term “blog aggregrator” and you will see a myriad of aggregators, covering topics from music to education, from general RSS feeds to geographically-focused topics.

I currently run a blog aggregator called, which aggregates blog posts created by Sabahans (i.e. those who are from Sabah, a state in Malaysia’s North Borneo… you know, where the 1st season of Survivor was done). As an administrator of the site, here’s how I maintain the blog aggregator:

  1. An interested blogger fills up the registration form online at the site. An automatic e-mail is sent to me.
  2. I verify the information and any other requirements for the site to be eligible for registration (mainly the compulsory backlink to and some proof that he/she is really a Sabahan).
  3. I enter their RSS or ATOM feed address into’s administration dashboard (which is really a WordPress dashboard).
  4. The blog aggregator periodically crawls (i.e. visits and checks) the list of feeds in the aggregator and adds new posts into
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Here’s the thing about my blog aggregator –  not only do I have to do just steps 2 and 3 manually, but I also did the initial setup of the aggregator within just half an hour! It’s that easy!

Wondering how I did it? Read part two of my Blog Aggregator how-to installment, where I’ll lead you step-by-step on how I did it with WordPress.

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    Thank you for mentioning this! I see tweets from content aggregators that have linked to my content, but we haven’t formally addressed how to handle them for our publication.

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