Back to my roots with Ruby On Rails

I’ve been so caught up with CMS development like WordPress and Joomla since I started blogging, that I haven’t been paying attention to anything else, let alone learning the latest rave in the Web coding world.

It took Photo Matt’s whining about his Dreamweaver predicament to lead me to a web site on Aptana, an open-source development platform and server for developing AJAX enabled Web applications, which then took me to Ruby On Rails resources, where I chose to end up reading a beginner’s guide to developing RoR, called Why’s (Poignant) Guide To Ruby. I tell you, this has got to be the best idiot’s guide to learning a programming language, ever. I can’t believe that I read non-stop till Chapter 3 and I’m still not getting any head ache. Maybe it’s those foxes that keep popping up every once in a while. They’re like breaths of fresh air.

The foxes, courtesy of Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby (

As of this moment, I have to stop myself, because I’ve just realized that I’m missing a mug of my favourite hot drink to keep me company, as well as the fact that I needed to have The Poignant Guide to Ruby site permanently bookmarked somewhere not in my laptop for perpetuity purposes. So here’s my bookmark for Chapter 3. I’m gonna add it in in a while, too.

Ruby on Rails kinda reminds me of Cold Fusion in some ways, without the hefty price tag. Hopefully learning Ruby on Rails will be my first step to becoming an AJAX coding god… dess.

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Posted on 23 February, 2008 under Life at work, Web traversing and tagged with , , ,


  1. John Hunter says:

    Ruby on Rails is great. I am moving from ColdFusion to Ruby on Rails development. See my post on programming Ruby on Rails: Joy in Software Development.

  2. CasTex says:

    Man, Ruby On Rails is awesome. I think everyone should see this.

  3. Rede busca says:

    O redebusca e muito bom fique ligado

  4. I think been working so much with Joomla and wordpress. left out my Classic ASP,Visual Basic .. i am so in love with Ajax concept and now am reading about CSS and Php books

    Beside learning photoshop technique…for photography works Hmm….ROR is one of the best PL

  5. Have to agree RoR is fun to learn

  6. I also am leaving cold fusion to use ruby on rails – thanks

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