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Update 18 Oct 2020: I have removed the oldpcgames dot com link mentioned in the previous update.

Update: To download your favourite Bullfrog games, head over to Old School PC Games (link removed, site non-existent).

I was on the lookout for more old simulation games, particularly abandonware and DOS games, and got my hand on Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Basically I’ve downloaded a Windows ported version that the gaming company MicroProse made from its equally successful DOS version.

The editorial mentions that since the game has problems with language recognition, we need to type the following in the DOS prompt before running the game: type “set lang=english”. However, I was able to run the game pretty well even without the DOS prompt command.

Transport Tycoon screenshot

To be honest, I’ve never played this game before but the reviews for the game is pretty positive, so I gave it a go. Even after watching the tutorial, I didn’t really understood how to play it. I’d rather the tutorial looked something like Theme Park or Theme Hospital. Thank goodness for the discussion boards, or else I would be at a lost about how to start the game.

If you’re looking for old MicroProse games and other classic games, go check out Abandonia.

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  1. JAB_au says:

    You should have a look at OpenTTD (http://www.openttd.org/), it expands the game, and makes it work better on modern computers.

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