Going mobile Internet blogging

I got my husband to cancel our home broadband subscription recently to opt for a more affordable package which will be installed in a week’s time. At the moment, I am blogging through my mobile Internet connection.

My 3G and EDGE modems.See those stuff? That white 3G modem costs me RM 788.00 and the EDGE PC card costs RM 999.00. Therefore, I’m supposed to be lucky (sort of) that I’m able to test both 3G and EDGE connections. The reality is, I’m only able to experience Digi’s EDGE and Celcom’s crappy GPRS, because Celcom’s 3G coverage doesn’t include the area where I live in.

Both Digi EDGE and Celcom GPRS claim to have the same speed of around 300+ kbps. In terms of actual line quality, though, Digi’s claim seems to closer to the truth compared to Celcom’s data transfer of only around 5 kbps or so. Imagine how “fast” Celcom’s 3G speed claim of 3 Mbps would be? I might as well go dial-up, rather than risk a severe heart attack and migraine from waiting too long for a web page to finish loading.

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6 responses to “Going mobile Internet blogging”

  1. ben says:

    You mean all this while you were never on Streamyx?

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  3. Lucy How says:

    3G was just lunched in my city. As u would be having a good experience about it by now. Would like to know if it is really worth and the claims of fast internet speeds true. Or the fixed line connection works the best?

    I’m not very much mobile so signal strength won’t be a problem.

    Lucy How.

  4. Flat Iron says:

    Mobile internet is fantastic especially when you are travelling.