A blog aggregator admin’s dilemma

I’ve started a series on how to create a blog aggregator using WordPress at Blogging Fu (I finally got around to doing my first post, whoopee!). As the self-appointed administrator to the first Sabah blog aggregator Giuk.net (OK, not really self-appointed but I got the approval from its domain owner, mrBadak, to be one), one of my responsibilities is to verify each and every application that got through the registration form.

A Blog Aggregator Administrator's dilemma (for illustration purpose only) I verify the following manually before adding it to the blog aggregator:

  1. A working blog feed: I don’t really care whether it’s a full or summary feed, as long as it’s a legible and well-formatted feed according to the popular standards such as ATOM and RSS.
  2. A link back to Giuk.net using the exact HTML codes and keyword link.
  3. Some form of content that could indicate to me that the blog owner is definitely a Sabahan.

Matter #3 above drives me crazy. I do a lot of blind-guessing on this one, because:

  1. The blog owner may blatantly declare that (s)he is a Sabahan, which I can accept at face value, regardless of the fact that it may be a big, fat lie; or,
  2. The blog contains posts with that certain Sabahan flair (e.g. dialect, Sabahan slangs, expressions of the word bah strewn about), which would also convince me, although that can be easily faked; or,
  3. The blog owner is someone whom I’ve personally met or know, which rarely happens and is my safest bet in ensuring (s)he qualifies for the aggregator (and which, BTW, would be a good reason for you to turn up for the upcoming Sabah Bloggers Gathering this Hallow’s Eve).
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Help me, peoples! What would be a good way to verify that the blog owner claims who (s)he claims (s)he is? Gimme your bright ideas, I beg of you!

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  1. Ian Tam says:

    Minta dia kasi photocopy ic 😛 tapi, pilak skarang pun ada ic. Tanya durang, soalan2 yg urang sabah sija yg tau. Mcm mana tu nagamas… kekeke…

    1. Lorna says:

      Photocopy IC?? Bulih tahan tu, hahahahah!!!

  2. set up a question only a true sabahan would know, like oh i dunno, bambangan, tuhau, hinava, or maybe places, not the major ones that they could easily do a search but a smaller discreet ones like kimanis, membakut, topokon. something like that. but then again, asking for a copy of their IC would be good also HAHAH

    1. Lorna says:

      I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what I should ask that won’t be available through a Google search…

  3. Ian Tam says:

    Tanya durang apa makna perkataan mcm bubut ka, buyuk, etc… but then for chinese who don’t really interact with the locals, this would be harder. Kasi bill letrik atau air pun buli kan? mcm mau kasi daftar anak masuk skolah. There’s no fool proof solution I guess.

  4. Lorna says:

    Bill letrik?? Astaga, ROFL!!! :))

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