Top Commentators Widget v.1.2 now up

Another TCW update has been posted in’s Plugins Repository to include two new additions based on user requests.

TCW 1.2: Filter top commentators by date range

Show top commentators between certain dates: This option was requested by James Pearse of Avon School District, MA. In his e-mail, he included a link to his school’s blog, demonstrating the idea that having your name displayed in the site and getting listed in the top commentators’ list not only can be used to increase traffic to your blog, but more so to help generate interest and participation on the posts among your site visitors. What a delight it is to see how something as small as TCW can contribute so much to learning and education. It makes developing WordPress plugins that more worthwhile for me.

TCW 1.2: Open links in new window

Open links in a new window: I received a surprising number of requests lately, both through the Support forum and e-mails, asking me to include this option in the widget, so there you go – pretty straight forward at that.

As always, feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Do so in the’s Support Forum (preferably) and remember to tag your post with the words top-commentators-widget, or drop me a line via my Contact Form.

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  1. I really like this plugin. It has really made life easy. Thanks Glenn

  2. heyetsilke says:

    This is a great plugin 😉

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