WordPress as a CMS: The usefulness of Pages

I never realized how useful the Pages function is in WordPress until I started developing my client’s web site recently with WordPress as its content management system (will post full URL of client soon). Pages is noticeably more useful as of WordPress 2.2 due to its now built-in ability to add unlimited levels of sub-pages to it. From the Pages documentation I get at WordPress Codex, I use pages to develop my main and sub-menus, instead of posts; this reflected very well with the Products section for my client’s web site, which was quite extensive. Posts are useful for news and events section, but aren’t necessarily effective as static page; I will leave this explanation for another day.

Other than the brief findings I’ve done on WordPress’ potential as a CMS, I’ve also been looking into ways to take WordPress further into becoming a project management system. Fortunately I came across a post by Danny Ayers, giving an overview of how, with clever manipulations on categories, WordPress can be built to become a pretty decent PMS. (warning: at the time of this posting, the site is completely empty, so you might want to read the cached version in Google instead.) I will give WordPress a try when I get into PMS development later.

This is meant to be a short post, but I just wanted to express how impressed I am of WordPress’ flexibility to go beyond just being a blogging platform. WordPress rawks!

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Posted on 7 August, 2007 under Discovering WordPress and tagged with ,