John Chow is doing a Robert G. Allen on blogging

John Chow has recently accepted a challenge to create a new nobody blog and transform it into a somebody blog without revealing his identity, which for some reason I find reminiscent of Robert G. Allen’s money-making challenge, but without the mentoring bit. John is giving us the chance to define the amount of income that new blog should achieve to become a somebody blog. It will be pretty interesting to read his techniques and how this goes, although I reckon the usual suspects apply: AdWords / AdSense and other popular blog ads, product reviews, social bookmarkings, and niche content.

John Chow, Lord of Digg. Image courtesy of strangeprogress ( added in the comment that USD3,000 in 3 months should suffice to declare it a somebody blog. However, I also have to agree that the expenses that come with the work done to generate the income is as important, as what Andy Beard mentioned in Darren Rowse a.k.a. Problogger’s post concerning John Chow’s monthly earnings. I wouldn’t be surprised if his net earnings are just a third of what he makes. Even though everyone knows just how little you actually need to spend on AdWords, John would need to account for his monthly hosting fees, and to be more calculative, the utilities and time-cost used to build up his blog presence.

I may or may not diligently follow his progress because generally I’m not such a big fan of John Chow dot com and its community. In any case, my interest will be to see which social bookmark sites he’ll be using most for his link exchanges, with Digg being the top no doubt.

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  1. How many hits does it take to get to US $3,000 in three months just for curiosity sake? Also, do you make money off your blog? I don’t see any ads anywhere!

    1. Lorna says:

      I don’t plan to monetize this site with ads any time soon 🙂

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