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WebGrrrl.net Refocused

Over the week, I’ve been pondering the fate that is WebGrrrl.net. To be honest, even with the seemingly lack of updates (seemingly, because I’m ignoring my paid posts), I actually have a lot of things in my mind I’d like to blog about.

However, the topics I wanted to blog on doesn’t really fit into what I initially envisioned WebGrrrl.net to be, which was… umm, I wasn’t really sure what it was. I never really had a vision for WebGrrrl.net, but I know I wasn’t going to post on anything too personal, or too commercial, or short posts on what I found through my daily bloghoppings.

At first, I thought of refocusing the objective of WebGrrrl.net to topics concerning blogging and WordPress development; I would then create a new blog focusing on interesting doodads I found on the Web, and another blog on Web programming matters. Nah. I finally decided on creating just one more blog for my Web programming stuff called Coding Idiot, which will be launched next week.

I may want to look for volunteers to contribute a post every fortnight, with some link love as exchange. Once things are really rolling, I plan to start paying bloggers who contribute to Coding Idiot. I’ll write up some more details in the new blog pretty soon.

As for my doodads idea, I may just dump them back here, because I’m sure others will find them fun as well.

So there. Cheers!

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  1. Dj Flush says:

    Many Bloggers have the hype to start new blogs just because of the fact that they want to earn more and broaden their vision however I oppose this.

    when you make more than one blog its actually a division of your content quality. I should suggest that one should always stick to one blog and include all the topics of his/her choice in that blog and should try to improve the quality as much as he/she can.

    Maximum 2 blogs is still fine but crossing that limit is ridiculous perhaps.

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