Downloadable Bullfrog games

Screen shot of Constructor. Courtesy of Abandonia ( 03-Feb-2013) Links have been updated (oh God how I do miss them games!). Original post follows.

I’m still in my gaming mode ever since I got the itch to play Theme Hospital. I then started looking for more sites with Bullfrog games that I can download off. Although Game Spot has an extensive list of Bullfrog games, I prefer the Bullfrog game list in Home of the Underdogs (HOTU); the former site provided nice to add-ons and patches, but the latter provided the links to download the game for free (not anymore since I last checked on 03-Feb-2013; see download links below), so on top of Abandonia and Best Old Games, HOTU gets two thumbs up (and a donation) from me for being one of the best free downloadable games web sites in cyberspace. As of 03 February 2013, I’m changing my stance and declare Best Old Games as the ultimate go-to for downloading these fabulous games.

Other than Theme Hospital (download link) and Theme Park (download link) I have never played Bullfrog’s other games, especially Populous II (download link) and Syndicate which are getting some rave reviews from all the gaming sites I visited. I plan to download them as soon as I finish playing another favourite simulation game of mine called Constructor (download link).

Bullforg logo. Courtesy of House of the Underdogs ( had a vague recollection of how much I got a kick out of sending gangsters to destroy the competitors’ buildings. I also barely remembered the title of the game at first, but for some reason HOTU read my mind and it found the game for me — how cool was that? I’ve just finished downloading Constructor a minute ago, so I’m off to have a blast with this game as soon as I’m done with my laundry 😛

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