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Sabah Rubber Industry Board (SRIB) is the only one using WordPress among the top 20 websites owned by Sabah State Government. The top 20 web site ranking was conducted recently by MSC Malaysia and compiled by the State Computer Services Department.

My brief analysis of the type of CMS used on the top 20 Sabah state website shows the following:-

  1. Sabah Forestry Department: Custom/ASP
  2. Sabah State Government: Custom/ASP
  3. Sabah State Computer Services Department: Custom/ASP
  4. Sabah State Library: Custom/ASP
  5. Shared by:
    Rural Development Corporation: Static
    Sabah State Department of Human Resources Development: Joomla
  6. Sabah Tourism Board: Custom/PHP
  7. Ministry of Finance: Static
  8. Department of Industrial Development and Research: Drupal
  9. Sabah Social Welfare: Custom/ASP
  10. Sabah Public Works Department: Custom/ASP
  11. Sabah Rubber Industry Board: WordPress
  12. Shared by:
    Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food Industry: Static
    Sabah Economic Development Corporation: Joomla
  13. Shared by:
    Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Sabah: Custom/ASP
    Kota Kinabalu City Hall: Custom/Ruby on Rails
    Ministry of Rural Development: Static
    Sabah Credit Corporation: Static
  14. Sabah Foundation: Custom/ASP
  15. Penampang District Council: Static
  16. Sabah Public Services Department: Static
  17. Shared by:
    Ministry of Community Development and Consumer Affairs: Static
    Ministry of Industrial Development: Static
    Sabah Public Complaints Bureau: Custom/ASP.net
    Tawau Municipal Council: Static
  18. Shared by:
    Department of Fisheries Sabah: Custom/ASP
    Sabah Islamic Affairs Department: Joomla
  19. Shared by:
    Ministry of Local Government and Housing: Static
    Sandakan Municipal Council: Custom/ColdFusion

(list purposely cut off at number 19 for reasons mentioned below)

Overall, 5 out of a total 28 websites listed in the Top 20 use open-source CMS, including Sabah Rubber Industry Board. Important to note that in the compilation document made by the State Computer Services Department (refer page 21), there is an error in the ranking, whereby even though the Public Works Department and SRIB were scored equally, Public Works was ranked higher than SRIB, when the 10th spot was suppose to be shared by both. (addendum: the ranks were also erronously numbered — number 8 jumped to number 10, which means they missed number 9.)

When corrected, the Keningau District Council (static) and Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC) would have been pushed up the ranks and be included in the Top 20 Sabah State Government websites. If that is done, then WordPress would have been represented by both SRIB and SUDC.

Which would have been so cool.

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