WebGrrrl.net now a PR4?

Oi. I finally switched my computer on after a two-week hiatus for a much needed rest, and what did I find? My Google PageRank has risen from PR3 to PR4! The only thing that matters at the end of the day — more moolah for my sponsored posts! Yeehah!

Pregnancy has never been kind to me during my previous two, and this latest one is no different. I hate the fact that one of the effects my pregnancy has on me is my sudden loathe for anything electronic — my mobile phone, my computer, my microwave oven. The only electronic devices I’m in love right now are my air-conditioner, my washing machine, and my satellite TV. Life is sad right now, but like always, this will pass.

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Posted on 5 November, 2007 under Life in reality, Life online and tagged with , ,


  1. Jewelle says:

    I think that is your mind telling you to stop having too much to do with electronic stuffs so you can really rest – how cool.

    It will soon pass πŸ™‚ Take care!

  2. ben says:

    When are you due? My wife delivered a few days ago, I could only go online tonight after 3 days cut off πŸ˜‰

  3. Congratulations on both your pregnancy and your new PR. Take care of yourself, and do what makes you feel good now. Electronics will still be there when you are ready to love them again.

  4. Wayne Liew says:

    I thought Google is cracking down on sites selling links and writing paid posts? πŸ˜†

    You are the lucky ones I guess… Money money come…

    1. Lorna says:

      I actually have a few techniques for “taking care” of sponsored posts, so to speak, but I dare not reveal them, sorry πŸ˜€

  5. pikey says:

    wow~~ congrats on the google PR promotion.. will be good for ur web traffic.

  6. Maher Saleh says:

    Congrats for your PR mine rised from 0 to 3 and i am happy!

  7. nana says:

    congrats on your new page ranking! πŸ˜€ ..take care πŸ™‚

  8. What’s worst? No electronics, or giving up chocolate, wine, and seafood? hehe

  9. Congratz on the PR increase…mine also got increased to a 4 in the last udate…let’s go for 5 πŸ˜‰

  10. deana says:

    hi Lorna, didn’t know that you are also pregnat.during my 1st trimester, i can’t hardly surf the net for an hour…strange huh..

  11. exinco says:


  12. Wahlau.NET says:

    erm…now you are PR 3…google having movement again

  13. ben says:

    I thought if you have even one paid post (PPP for starters, Google might go for even “high class” ones like reviewme later) your PR will immediately be demoted to zero, no matter if you had PR10 to start with?

  14. papajoneh says:

    Forgot about the spam protection again.. aiiiyooh.. lost everything.

    Anyway, congrats on the pregnant thing. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling. I am sure you excited and can’t wait for the baby to come out. πŸ™‚

    About the PR thing. Well, nothing can be hidden from the BigG team. When you do paid posting with the given link, no PR will stay up there. Just don’t think about it. We postie still can make money, no problem.

    To cheer you up and remembers all the good memories with the kid, here a nice tag for you: The Age that I wish my Child will stay to be πŸ™‚

  15. Bad microwave, BAD! =) Good luck

  16. Murali says:

    Congratulations for your PR4. Have you checked now?. Hope it is PR5 or 6. All the best for continuous increase of your PR.

  17. Bummer it looks like your blog is back to a PR 3. Thanks for the top commentators widget.

  18. bloggernoob says:

    you still have PR even tho you do sponsored posts?

  19. sukosaki says:

    Congrats on your PR jump. It means a lot out here on the interweb! Good luck with your pregnancy and your blog!

  20. Steve! says:

    You are very lucky. What’s your Authority on Technorati though?

  21. Edward says:

    Congratz for getting a better PR!

  22. 80s Music says:

    Isn’t pagerank rather outdated for ranking a site?

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