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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought I would make the WordPress theme I originally created for The Blog of Rugrats publicly available for everyone to download. Hopefully this will make a nice addition to the small collection of themes available for family- and children-oriented blogs.

The Rugrats WordPress Theme is a two-column theme created and distributed for free. Even though the theme does not depend on any plugin, it is widget-ready. Its content column is fluid according to your screen size. The current header can also be modified to suit your need in case you want to replace the whole thing with a transparent GIF image as I have done with my Blog of Rugrats site. It’s also tested with WordPress 2.3.2, and on Firefox, IE7 and Safari.

My only request is that the footer hyperlink to my site at remain intact.


To install the Rugrats theme, download the zipped file below, unzip it, and upload the directory named rugrats-pub to your wp-content/themes folder.

Rugrats WordPress Theme v.1.0 (as of 29 January 2008)
Rugrats Theme 1.0 demo

For the moment, any request for support may be done using the comment form in this post to get support. Once’s Theme Viewer is back up, I’d rather support requests be forwarded to that site’s Reply section.

Screenshots's screenshot of The Blog of Rugrats. Single post view of the Rugrats theme on Mac Safari browser. Pages view of the Rugrats theme on Mac Safari.


This theme can be used in any types of blogs and web sites except those that has anything to do with p0rn0graphic, s3xist and/or r@cist content.


  1. How do I modify the header from text to using image like in your blog?
    I’ll do a separate post on that and will even include a PSD file for you to use as starter, but until then, I hope you can do a little trial and error yourself first.
  2. Do you accept donations?
    Yes, I would very much appreciate it. You may PayPal me in any amount to my e-mail address at info{at}cybernt{dot}net. Remember that this theme is free though, so you are under no obligation to donate.
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    wow i like this theme and soon going to update in my website for Closet Tie Racks

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