I’m so bored of my blog theme…

I’m thinking of getting/making a Twenty Eleven child theme, if I have the time. A combination of Silver’s design and Hum’s layout, plus a bit of colour tweaks here and there, and it would be perfect.

I tried doing a child theme before, but it was just too tedious. I could do a whole new theme from scratch faster than writing a child theme. Not to mention, my CSS skills are despicably mediocre. Still, the idea of making a theme out of an already stable and well-supported theme framework (free at that) is very tempting.

Any WordPress theme developer out there willing to make one out for me for a measly USD100? Serious offer.

Update: Scrap the offer. I found the NomNom Twenty Eleven child theme which is very close to what I was looking for. And Zeaks has a paid WordPress customization service for this theme that I can use, so I’m taking up on his offer once I have a clear wireframe of what I want for this site.

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Posted on 24 April, 2012 under Discovering WordPress, Life online and tagged with