Celebrating the little wins: WebGrrrl.net is 10. Ish.

Holy crikey, how could I have almost missed this?

WebGrrrl.net domain age check

Technically, this website is days to being 11 years old, but a decade sounds nicer (sounding a year younger doesn’t hurt, either). This is what happens to me for not being a big fan of observing rituals like birthdays and religious celebrations. Seeing as how this website lasted as long as it has, though, it should be something I need to be proud of.

I must point out that my first post on WebGrrrl.net was on September 2006, which was a few months before I bought the WebGrrrl.net domain. The posts prior to December 2006 were done on my company’s subdomain, if I remembered correctly, as I was learning and setting up WordPress for the first time. It took a while for me to set up a proper self-hosted blog, mainly because I was torn between using Joomla and Mambo, with Drupal being way down in third place for consideration. Because cPanel’s Fantastico listed this one blogging software called WordPress, I decided to explore it. I was specifically hooked on the widget plugin, which was finally introduced into WP’s core as of 2.2. The rest is history.

WebGrrrl.net circa 2007

My first website iteration was a modded version of WordPress’s default theme at the time. Would you believe that the current responsive design I use right now is only the SECOND time I’ve redesigned WebGrrrl.net? I really must thank Daniel Tara for giving out this Esplanade theme for free. This theme has 95% of what I wanted in my website, and robust enough that I could code my own customised CSS via its theme settings.

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You would think 10 years is impressive. Well, the domain age for my web development business website is much older than that — 16 years and 7 months to be exact. Yes, I own the domain and the website for that long. My beloved niche site is also reaching the double digit age next year.

Gosh do I heart web development.

Here’s to another decade and another healthy and productive life ahead.

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