A country of your own

Whoever can imagine that a country such as Sealand exists! Sea-what?? Here’s a brief introduction to this little-known country (and please, save your LOLs for later):

  • Sealand is an artificial island situated off the southeastern part of the UK, near Essex, but far enough for it to be outside of British waters. And when I say artificial, I mean it is really artificial that you won’t even believe it’s an island. See for yourself:
    This is how Sealand looks like
  • Sealand is categorized as a micronation (not to be confused with microstate), together with the likes of Outer Baldonia, Seborga, Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, and the more successful Hay-on-Wye.
  • Its population rarely exceeds ten people — if you could call it a population, since no one, not even its king and queen, permanently resides there.
  • Its main economic activity is tourism.
  • As of to date, it’s available for sale.

Some cool things you can do with your own country:

  • Give yourself some cool titles, such as Your Excellency, Your Terrificness, Your Royal Grrrl Friend or Who’s Your Daddy.
  • Set your own tax laws stating that there is no such thing as tax.
  • Create a sports team that you can represent to the Olympics or the World Cup.
  • Get an Internet top level domain (TLD) of your own.

Are you revving to make your own country now? There is a book by Erwin S. Strauss that tells you exactly how to do so (How to Start Your Own Country).

More of Sealand at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sealand.

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Posted on 28 February, 2007 under Life in reality, Web traversing