30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 24: Something I’ve learned

I love learning. I learn new things every day.



I was gonna leave those two sentences as my only entry for this blog post. :P After a little bit of thought, I’ve decided that I might as well bore you to death by describing the one thing that has begun to play an important role to my happiness.

Trust my instincts and follow them through.

Nothing beats down a confident person like me more than the urge to constantly question my choices and decisions. The external noises one encounters in the form of people close to you, or your colleagues, or people you hold in high regards can make you rethink things that you were sure to be or will happen, no matter how strong your gut feeling for such decisions may be.

I’ve been re-adjusting myself to people’s needs and whims these past years, thinking that by doing so, it’ll make them happy, and in return, makes me happy, while most times fighting the urge to follow what I know is right for me.

Only recently did I realize what I was doing to myself. I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to “re-adjust” anymore. So I’m tuning out all the noise, wherever and whomever they may come from, and start trusting my instincts. And, more importantly, do what my instincts tell me.

I believe only then everything right for my happiness will fall into place.

Serendipity is my thing.

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Posted on 28 May, 2012 under Life in reality