1&1 does not accept Malaysia orders

Well, what do you know?

1&1 logoI should have expected it. I initially decided to register a domain name with 1&1 after noticing that IPower has increase its domain pricing (approximately USD 1 more expensive than 1&1). I registered on Saturday evening, and notice that Malaysia wasn’t listed in its country drop-down list. Thinking that it may be an error on their side (which can and has happened several times on other sites I registered with) , I went ahead and submitted my order. I only received a reply from 1&1 this morning (Monday) requesting proof of identity before they can process my order and charge me.

I replied their e-mail an hour ago with my attached photo ID scan and an explanation about the discrepancy in my country selection. Ten minutes ago, I received a reply from 1&1 saying that my order is cancelled, and explained that “at this time we do not accept Malaysia orders, which is why our country was not listed in the pulldown menu.


Moving on….

Do you know of a domain registrar that sell domains for cheaper than USD 7? Let me know!

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  1. tokjogho says:


    I always use godaddy (simply coz of active promo) and domainsarefree.com for fisrt the time domain buy @US$3.99 then u have to transfer to a different registrar b4 a year ends. Also if u wish u can try this site for a US$6.99:


    Hope it helps!

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