Bookmark: Useful online tools

It’s that time again for me to dump a few of my bookmarked sites for your viewing pleasure. These links are pretty old, and you might already be familiar with all, if not most, of these sites.

  • Girafa: Similar to Snap It, you can use their service to provide thumbnail views of sites that you link to. In other words, when your visitor mouses over a link, they’ll see a small pop-up of the web site that the link refers to. Girafa also has a toolbar you can install in your browser, which allows you to see a web site’s thumbnail before you decide if you want to visit it.
  • Fauxto: This is a online photo editing site that does a lot of the things that Photoshop can. calls it the online Photoshop alternative. If you’re used to Photoshop, you’ll find that the interface is very intuitive of PS as well. Great if you have a stable and fast Internet connection. For now, I’m fine with my (licensed!) PS CS2.
  • Torrent Scan: Absolutely love this torrent search engine. I like the fact that I can do the same search to multiple torrent search engines with just a click.

Hm. Weird. That’s all the useful online tool links I have. The other links in my bookmark are actually references on how to make money online. I’ll share that one later.

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