Reviewing your next web hosting provider

I am a sucker for great web hosting deals, so if an ad or a post about a web hosting solution comes up while I surf or when it arrives in my e-mail, they do not go unnoticed. In order to separate all the fluff in their advertorials, though, I take it a step further and do a Google search on the web host, or better yet, browse all the web hosting review and rating directory sites to find out the real deal about the particular web hosting service provider.

There are many web hosting review web sites out there that you can use to review a certain company’s claim about their web hosting service. One of those sites is Web Hosting Geeks at The web hosting review directory has all the necessary information you need to have in order to evaluate a web hosting provider, most importantly the rating as well as customer feedback. One fascinating review option that this site has that not a lot of review directories would mention is the ability to compare and see whether a specific web hosting provider provides what is called a green web hosting service. A green web hosting service simply means that the web hosting company takes great care in conserving energy and uses environmentally-friendly products and means in providing their service. That is a great option to compare and look out for, especially if you’re an avid conservationist.

So, if you’re looking for a new web hosting provider and would like to go green at the same time, head over to Web Hosting Geeks and check out the list of green web hosting providers.

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Posted on 15 January, 2009 under Elsewhere