You don’t blog anymore, do you?

As a good web developer ought to do, I run sporadic checks on broken or obsolete links in my blog by analysing my error logs in Google Webmasters Tool. So it went that one of the pages reporting many invalid links was one of my posts about Sabahan bloggers gathering in 2008.

It’s interesting that most of the bloggers that I’ve met and still kept in touch with are no longer blogging. I checked the links to their blogs, and none. No post, or no web site, or no domain. Otherwise, post said updated in 2014, the latest. Or, post is a paid post.

There are too many distractions online now. Most of them are in the form of social media, where virals and likes are the new addictions. People express themselves through images, news clippets, and short thoughts. Very seldom are they elaborate. They’re more attention-grabbing. It’s easier to skim and click than to read, any way.

Distractions. Maybe. Or re-prioritising, as what has happened to me with blogging.

Life is fun for me now. I promise you, though. I’ll blog more.

Because these have happened between my last post and this.

DrinkEntrepreneurs KK

Organising DrinkEntrepreneurs KK

1st TEDx Kota Kinabalu

Got dibs as first speaker of the 1st TEDx Kota Kinabalu.

Reconnecting with friends from high school

Reconnecting with friends from high school

Running Android Dev Study Jam KK

Chillin' with my boys

Chillin’ with my boys


Organising Women Techmakers KK 2016

So to my former fellow bloggers, maybe I’ll see you back with more words. Or maybe not.

As for me, there’s obviously going to be more to show off and blog about haha. Next stop, my trip to Google I/O. See ya later.

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