WordPress PostADay Challenge: are you game?

I know that the original challenge is intended for WordPress.com users, but, hey, it doesn’t hurt to join in the fun.

I’ve done a 30-day blog challenge before, so I know how difficult it can be for some of us to keep up. It’s not so much because we’re out of ideas, but rather the fact that we’re pretty much swarmed with so many other commitments in our life that they force you to put your blogging efforts in the back burner.

WebGrrrl.net is a perfect example of that. 2010 has been almost non-existent in terms of posts in this blog. As a comparison:

  • 2006: 9 posts
  • 2007: 88 posts
  • 2008: 114 posts
  • 2009: 37 posts
  • 2010: 11 posts

Pathetic, isn’t it? As a result, my blog traffic suffered.

OK, so maybe I lied, a little — the traffic wasn’t that bad up until a month or two ago (proof of my SEO prowess *snorts*).

But that’s not the point.

The point is, I need to get my behind off the ground and actually blog again, if I were to live up to my lame tagline (no offence to Asimov).

Therefore, I’m taking the WordPress PostADay challenge, albeit in a slightly modified form. You do notice in that challenge that there’s a weekly version of it called PostAWeek? That’s the one I’m taking. Instead of one post a day, I’ll do a weekly post, type each one in 250 words or more, then tag each post as “postaweek2011”.

You should join me. It’s good for your blog’s SEO, and for sharpening your writing/typing skills.

Or how about this — let me give you an incentive. If you decide to join the WordPress weekly challenge with me, do what I do (post weekly, tag it, write in 250 words or more). Then, comment in my latest weekly post, add your latest weekly post URL in the comment form, and I’ll link back to your article in my next post. Instant PR3 backlink for you!

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Deal? Then start typing!

Oh, and have a great 2011!

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  1. chegu carol says:

    I join! I join!
    Although once a week post may not be that difficult for me since i memang blog at least once a week.

    Topic can be anything kan?

    1. Lorna says:

      Chegu, this should be like eating nuts for you, shouldn’t it? 🙂 Yes, any topic will do, typical disclaimer included (y’know, no NSFW, gambling, credit card pr0n; at my discretion, yada yada yada).

  2. Suneel says:

    I am really not that into the challenge because I normally have to maintain my 4 blogs and I find it hard to do so. But, no pains no gains. So, I try to post in whenever I find a little time and some topic which I find worth sharing.

    But, this challenge may make some effect on me.

    1. Lorna says:

      Suneel, I totally understand the effort it is to juggle several blogs at once. It’s always about whether we have the time to blog. Luckily, even with my 3 personal blogs and 4 niche blogs, I believe I can do it. I think you realise it too that when you’re very much into the topics of your blogs, the ideas and words just flow out. All the best with your blogs.

  3. ok i’m in! hehe. let see if i could maintain for a year.

    1. Lorna says:

      Great! Looking forward to your posts!

  4. Cyril Dason says:

    I agree that the biggest challenge is going to be making time to blog due to our daily routine, but all the best going for the project.

    As for me, I have to give it a skip… Definitely pre-occupied =(

    1. Lorna says:

      When it comes down to it, quality should always come first before quantity, wouldn’t you think? All the best with your blogging!

  5. OK so i’m starting this challenge this week.

    1 ring to rule them all, and I’m not talking about getting a white gold diamond ring for my girlfriend.

    will this do?

  6. Andy Gee says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, for commenting on my #postaweek2011 first entry, and for leading me back to your blog.

    By the way, I’m curious how you found my blog? Was it the hash tag? Was it my tweet with the hash tag, linking to my blog?

  7. Lorna says:

    @Andy Gee: Yep, I found your post via the #postaweek2011 hashtag at Twitter; you linked your post from one of your tweets. There’s also a Facebook group for us taking the challenge — folks there are very supportive and I think you’ll find it beneficial, too: http://z.webgrrrl.net/ip
    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Phil Jensen says:

    Maintaining regular content on a blog/website is probably the most challenging things to do. I just started my site the other day and I gave this some serious thought before I started.

    I really wanted to maintain a decent post rate throughout the year without starting off strong and finishing weak.

    Good to see everyone else is up for the challenge.

    Good luck everyone!

  9. Yes, a lot of times we get slapped by variety other things besides blogging that we have to deal in our daily life that is seem too hard to commit post on a regular basis (guilty myself). But here is the strategy that helped me to produce fresh interesting content on a regular basis with much less work than usual:
    Get/subscribe to several rss feeds on your topic it can be feeds from popular blogs in your niche or news site like Digg, Mixx, Mashable write short review/comment on what they have posted, it doesn’t have to be long 100-200 words. This way you don’t have to do all the research or editing while supplying your readers with fresh and interesting content.


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