WordPress As A 30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 0

As much as I disliked the topics I had to post in my first 30-Day Blogging Challenge, I pretty much enjoyed the whole exercise. It’s definitely challenging to find the time to blog a decent post once a day while balancing my work-family-house responsibility. But I did it, and it feels positively great to finish and achieve something, no matter how small a matter it may be.

WordPress As A 30-Day Blogging Challenge

I’ve been thinking of doing another 30-day blogging challenge but on a topic I’m more comfortable sharing. I brainstormed on several ideas, before deciding on a really great one (for me, at least) that I thought of this morning, and one in which I will have great joy to research, learn and blog about.

This 30-Day Blogging Challenge shall be known as the “WordPress As A ___” Challenge. I’ll be posting about 30 ways of how you can use WordPress, not just as a blogging platform.

Not only will this be a useful topic for all of us WordPress learners out there, but I also plan to make them as “living blog posts”, meaning that I will update these articles from time to time to ensure its relevance as WordPress usage evolves.

The topics listed below aren’t exhaustive and do not reflect the order in which I’ll blog, but it gives you an idea about what WordPress As A challenge will be about.

You heard it here first — The WordPress As A 30-Day Blogging Challenge starts now!

  1. WordPress As A Content Aggregator.
  2. WordPress as a Minisite – Squeeze Page.
  3. WordPress As A Proxy Site.

Other topics worth blogging about:-

  1. WordPress As A Review Website.
  2. WordPress As A Document Management System.
  3. WordPress As An E-commerce Website.
  4. WordPress As A Genealogy Website.
  5. WordPress As An Article Directory.
  6. WordPress As A Content Management System (CMS) (okay, this has been blogged to death by thousands of experts, so hopefully I can find a creative angle on this).
  7. WordPress As A Membership Website.
  8. WordPress As A Wiki.
  9. WordPress As A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.
  10. WordPress As A Virtual Learning Management System (VLMS).
  11. WordPress As A Social Networking Website.
  12. WordPress As A Project Management System (PMS).
  13. WordPress As A Forum.
  14. WordPress As A Voting / Digg-like Website.
  15. WordPress As A Job Board.
  16. WordPress As An Affiliate Marketing Website.
  17. WordPress As A Collaboration Platform / Groupware.
  18. WordPress As An Event Management System.
  19. WordPress As A Non-Profit Management System.
  20. WordPress As A Government Portal.
  21. WordPress As A Subscription-Based Website.
  22. WordPress As A Magazine / Newsletter Website.
  23. WordPress As A Photo / Video Gallery Website.
  24. WordPress As A Classsified Ads Website.
  25. WordPress As An Auction Website.
  26. WordPress As A Helpdesk System.
  27. WordPress As A Billing and Invoicing System.
  28. WordPress As An Online Games Portal.
  29. WordPress As An Electronic / Academic Journal Portal.
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Note: Each post contains a brief showcase of websites featuring its respective topics. If you would like me to showcase yours, leave me a comment or drop me a note.

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