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Sylvie Dixie e-mailed me 11 days ago giving me a heads up about WebGrrrl.net being featured as the Blog of The Day down at FuelMyBlog. It’s a blog-ego boost for me, although I’m not sure what my blog has that deserves the honor.

FuelMyBlog Blog of The DayFuelMyBlog is a blog community slash directory where you can vote for your favorite (or least favorite) blog, enter competitions or simply chat with other FuelMyBlog members across the Internet. Although I visit the site only once in a while, it’s a fun place to get to know other bloggers especially those within your niche.

Thanks, FuelMyBlog. I would have blogged earlier about it if my Internet connection weren’t so unbearably slow.

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Posted on 20 July, 2008 under Life online

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  1. ben says:

    Did it increase the number of visitors to your site on a long-term basis, unlike things like stumbleupon?

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