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Post theme scheduleI have decided to create a schedule of a themed post a day as my way to help sort out my compulsion to blog about everything at one time and ending up not blogging at all. My post schedule from now on will go like this:

  • Monday: No post on Mondays. I don’t do Mondays.
  • Tuesday: Multimedia day. This is when I’ll post some funky videos or audios that fancy me and which I hope others will fancy too, such as Matt Harding’s crazy dance around the world.
  • Wednesday: WordPress and blogging improvement matters. I’ll be posting about WordPress widgets and modding matters, or some blogging ideas such as this post (coincidentally, today’s a Wednesday).
  • Thursday: Gem of A Blog. It’s my glam word for bloghopping. I usually start hopping by visiting sites in my social networks and Top Commentators list. I’ll then be doing some brief reviews of blogs — and only blogs — that catch my eye or mind.
  • Friday: Life-Changing Matters, One Little Step At A Time, similar to matters like my phantom power post. Maybe some intermittent posts called Matters that Matter on more serious issues such as my post on the Malaysian bloggers under threat.
  • Saturday: I don’t want to-…. zzzzzz.
  • Sunday: Fun, Funky and/or Freaky stuff online. In my previous online life, I used to call this my Doodads section. I have a lot of these on my blog, like my awesome astrological pair reading with Wentworth Miller and the Japanese slapping game.

On top of this, I figure that if I have a topic I want to blog about right now but doesn’t match the theme of the day, I’d simply schedule it for the appropriate day using the Future Post option in WordPress (i.e. changing the Post Timestamp to a future date). Also, if I have more than one post to blog about for a particular theme, I would still be blogging just one post a day, and set my other posts into the future. Not only will I not be at loss for words, I’ll also be free to do my sponsored posts and other matters that I’d like to be doing. I may even have extra free days for me to catch up on my sleep!

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I’m sure this technique will be useful to solve one particular dilemma that I consider my major blogging pet peeve. When bloghopping, I do stumble upon blogs with posts that say “I don’t know what to blog about”, and suddenly went on to rant about something. My first reaction to that is to wring that person’s neck, but I usually give up on that feeling by screaming DUH!, and quickly leaving that blog, never to return again.

Heads up to One Penny Project for the inspiration.

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  1. Jewelle says:

    Good idea. I used to have that problem too, hard to catch with bloghopping, doing sponsored post, maintaining blog and making own post! It’s only recently that I’ve started to have some kind of order and it’s working well so far…!

  2. limadang.com says:

    webgrrrl..idea of having schedule to blog is good πŸ™‚ i will schedule mind once i things it is the right time πŸ™‚

  3. papajoneh says:

    This is a very good idea. Organized sikit.

    Now I know why u come but no comment coz most of the time i have nothing to say.. so just post about nothing actually.. hahhaa.

  4. eshark says:

    Uhh! You’re so organize mom la. mine was totally rojak here n there! sometimes I do also Future Post.. Hmm.. I like the Saturday part. he he.. Bravo!

  5. Adam says:

    Great idea. This at least motivates you to post. I find some days that I don’t want to post but having a schedule would force me in a way to post. Just make sure you have good content and you’re not just posting for the sake of posting.

    PS. Yay! I’m now tied for top commentator.

  6. papajoneh says:

    I hope you like the Malaysian WordPress logo. πŸ˜‰
    Happy Merdeka Day to you Lorna and the whole family.

    From: Papajoneh wife’s, Josh, Preston Presley and of course from me πŸ˜€

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