WebGrrrl.net 2008: A year in review

Looking back to the past is good if it means that you can improve on the future. The posts I share below aren’t necessarily my popular ones, but does reflect a little on what I’ve been up to with my blogging life in 2008.

YearbookYourself’s rendition of me in 1960

January 2008: I attempted My first *REAL* personalised WP theme for The Blog of Rugrats blog which I migrated from Friendster to my reseller hosting account via Resellers Panel / Supreme Center. And, yes, the Rugrats WordPress theme download is available if you’re interested to use it in any children-themed site.

February 2008: It was at this time that Supreme Center decided to give me all sorts of trouble that I had to put WebGrrrl.net on emergency suspension for almost 2 weeks. I had to ask my blog readers if you can you read me loud and clear, once I settled with WPWebHost (it’s the best decision I’ve made ever, and I’ll be posting about this amazing web host soon).

March 2008: I took on the One Page A Day challenge. In any case, the challenge was tough, but it brought out a few good posts such as 3 guidelines for selecting paid blogging assignments, 3 creative ways of naming your Web domain, Is your feed reader as organized as mine?, and Don’t know what to blog about? Do a blog review!. This is also the month where I saw my stats jumped almost 70% compared to the usual. I attribute this spike to the daily updates + visits from Eric Giguere’s Unofficial AdSense blog (link removed, site no longer exist).

April 2008: Nothing amazing happened this month. Can you believe that I only had one post done? And this was my birth month! I was probably having the pregnancy jitters, because…

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May 2008: … it was Another safe delivery as I gave birth to a very healthy son on 22nd May. I also decided that I should be Retiring my site at Tripod.

June 2008: My landline broadband went crazy on me this month, which made me decided on Going mobile Internet blogging until the dust settled. I shared a part of my Bookmark: Online money-making techniques, compared DoFollow vs. Top Commentators List for increasing blog visits, and ranted about people bemoaning the rise of petroleum prices when they should be asking “What about biofuel and hybrids?

July 2008: I wondered whether EntreCard + SezWho = better traffic?, thought that WordPress 2.6: I like… uh, maybe, and hopefully helped you decided whether Paid to blog — is it right for you?

August 2008: I finally bought my namesake domain, LornaTimbah.com, and feel a little bit sorry at myself for not owning a digicam after the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2008 is over.

September 2008: I embarked on donating via Kiva.org — giving and doing business all in one. I also think that you should Yearbook Yourself and look hot!

October 2008: I did a little research about a WordPress Comment hack: Display Gravatar on non-pingback comment types, and posted it since no one bothered doing so at that time.

November 2008: I had fallen out and back in love with WordPress after seeing WP 2.7 in action, and posts were slow because I revealed that I’m going full-blast to Make money online: yes, I’m trying my best, even conducting an AdSense monetizing test on WebGrrrl.net.

December 2008: I revealed that I have close to 30 blogs as I asked you, “How many blogs do you have?” I also got around to creating WebGrrrl.net 2009 New Year’s resolutions list, which I think is pretty realistic and hopefully completed by next year’s end.

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Next year’s posts will hopefully be more useful, both for myself as well for everyone reading this blog. One thing’s for sure, I definitely didn’t mean to have WebGrrrl.net being as popular as it is now. Having at least 1,500 returning visits a month, that’s a pretty good number for a blog with very little attempt at promotion except through the 7 social bookmarking and networking sites I joined and frequented once in a while.

Thank you for reading this humble blog, and to my subscribers, thank you for being loyal visitors to my blog, though I’m not sure what I did to deserve it! 😀

Here’s to a fantastic 2009!

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  1. ben says:

    A belated Xmas and prosperous new year wish to you.

  2. eshark says:

    Happy new Year 2009 Lorna… 😉 keep blog rockin!!

  3. Lucy How says:

    This year I made a resolution for not wasting time by being lazy. I’ll try to make this year be more action packed. Making friends online (networking) is one secret I missed until now.

    Will try to make a similar post week after week to keep me in check. Thanks Lorna for giving me an idea.

    I’ll be back 😉

  4. disney says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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